Fairmont-The Annual Conference of the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church (LRCHMC) convened for its 115th time. The three day event kicked off with a worship led by the Conference Superintendent the Reverend Elton B. Hunt. Utilizing the calling of the disciples while they were busy mending or casting their nets, he emphasized the difference between those who were trying to get ready to catch fish and those who had already went through the preparation stages and were now out successfully catching fish. Surely Jesus’ emphasis to his new converts was the necessity of work for success. If there are holes in the nets don’t set it to the side and do no work but at the same time don’t waste energy with a net that won’t hold fish. But rather get busy mending and once mending is complete get busy casting, because only by casting can there be any catching. He finished up by posing a powerful question before the congregation “Are we ready to go?”, which was so fitting since the theme of this years’ Conference was “Here we are, Lord, send us!


Rev. Elton Hunt 2015


Day 1 Photos

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New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church

Nov 6th-8th 2015

Fri-Sat 8:30am

Sun 9:30am