The week’s lesson commentary theme of UNITY is a very fitting description title for the annual Eleventh Hour Street Ministry held Sunday, December 2, 2012 in the Cyna’s Jeweler’s parking lot in Pembroke. More than 100 people youth and elders alike gathered to fellowship and share donated chicken bog, desserts and hotdogs for everyone while supplies last! Members of Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church along with other contributing churches collected and distributed slightly used coats, shoes, clothes and toys. Folks were encouraged to come out and enjoy the spirit of giving to those in need, thanks to everyone for giving.

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As commentary lesson writer Sam Stone mentions in this week’s Christian Standard online publishing, Paul pointed out that before they were saved, they were a long way from the Jews, excluded from citizenship in Israel. But Paul also reminded them, “You were a long way from Christ then too!” William Hendriksen notes that Paul lists five factors to describe their previous condition:

  • Christless
  • stateless
  • friendless
  • hopeless
  • godless

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Things are different at this time, however—but now in Christ Jesus, when one is born again into the family of God, things change. Those who once were far away have been brought near. Now in the Church, both Jews and Gentiles can stand together, side by side, brothers and sisters, as one in Chirst. This is because of the blood of Jesus. When Jesus died for our sins on Calvary, he brought all of us into his one family (John 10:16; 17:11; 1 Corinthians 10:17). Let us all remember this holiday season and every other day in between that Jesus Christ is the unifying power in the Church!

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