Can we all say this was a weekend packed full of awesomeness? The Lumbee River Conference of theHoliness Methodist Church celebrated the 2nd Annual Teen Retreat Friday & Saturday, June 1-2, 2018 at Camp Grace in Fairmont, NC! There were more than 70 people in attendance including guest speakers Evangelist Tommy and Ashton Vinceck covering topics surrounding the theme: The Struggle for Purity: Relationships and Dating for Christian Youth! Several Amazing Drama Performances were presented by Hopewell Praise and Worship/Drama Team. Friday night ended with snacks, refreshments and music by the Camp Grace Bonfire. Breakfast Pancakes were served early Saturday morning as teams were divided for more gender specific discussions. Bro. Tommy shared a visual demonstration with the impact of sin on our lives with the guys and imitated how God’s love cleanses us from our sins. Sister Ashton cautioned the girls to Guard their Hearts against sin. She stressed the importance of Christian dating and shared the scripture references against being unequally yoked. The event concluded at 10 am as conference members began gathering for our annual Family Day Event! We offer great appreciation to Bro. Anthony Chavis and the Conference Education Committee, Lay Leaders, Chaperones, Camp Grace staff and our wonderful guest speakers for our many Adventures that will last a lifetime!


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