110th Annual Session
Of the
Lumber River Conference
Of the
Holiness Methodist Church
Held at
Cherokee Chapel Church
November 12, 13 and 14, 2010


1.  Worship Service

      A.  Hymn 
      B.  Prayer
      C.  Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

II. Call To Order And Preliminaries

     A.  Roll Call
       1.  Permanent Bar Members
       2.  Unexcused Absences
     B.  Seating of Delegates, Alternates and Lay Representatives
     C.  Location of the Conference Bar 
     D.  Set Time of Opening, Closing and Recess
     E.  Appoint Leaders for Second Day Worship Service      
     F.  Welcome Visitors and Lay Conference Members
     G.  Election of Presiding Conference Bishop (Secret Ballot)
     H.  Election of:
       1.  Conference Secretary (Nomination Committee Recommendation)  
       2.  Conference Treasurer (Nomination Committee Recommendation) 
       3.  Conference Lay Leader (Nomination Committee Recommendation)  
       4.  Conference Sunday School Supervisor (Nomination CommitteeRecommendation) 
      I.  Secure Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Members
      J.  Passing of the Character of Ministers and Conference Members

III.  Minutes

     A.  Approval of Minutes of August, 2010, Special Session 

IV.    Program

     A. Program Committee Report

V.  Conference Officers and Stewards Reports

     A.  Treasurer    
     B.  Trustees            
     C.  Stewards 
     D.  Superintendent 
     E.  Sunday School Supervisor          
     F.  Lay Leader            
     G. Youth For Christ Treasurer

VI. Standing Boards and Committee Reports

     A.  Ministerial Qualifications Board Report
     B.  Set Ordination Service (if any) 
     C.  Home and Foreign Mission Board Report
     D.  Budget Committee Report          
     E.  Calendar Report 
     F.  Standing Investigation Committee Report        
     G.  Election of 2010 – 2011 Standing Investigation Committee Report   
     H.  Education Board Report 

VII.  Special Committee’s Report (if any)

VIII.  Individual Reports

      A.  Special Pastoral Assignments
       1.  Were There Any Special Assignments During The Conference Year?
Rev. Crites Oxendine – Mission Church           Rev. Oscar Henderson – Mt. Carmel Church 
Rev. Wayland Anderson – Sandy Ridge      
     B.  Approval of Pastoral Reports
     C.  Approval of Evangelists Reports 
     D.  Approval of Missionaries Reports 

IX.  Unfinished Business From Prior Sessions, Special Meetings (if any)

     A. Purchase of Internet Service for the Conference Headquarters

X.    New Business

     A.  D. F. Lowery Service Record (Clerical)
     B. Official name of the Conference (Legislative)
     C. Relationship between Sandy Ridge, Mt. Carmel and Mission Church (Judicial)
     D. Charge to uphold the Book of Doctrine and Discipline (Judicial)
     E. Pastoral oversight (Judicial)

XI.  Special Orders (Disciplinary Questions)

  1.  What Committees and Boards shall be elected?
       a.  Program Committee (elect 3)
       b. Home and Foreign Mission Board
       c. Ministerial Qualification Board
       d. Budget Committee 
       e.  Nominating Committee
       f.  Educational Board
  2.  Who have been received on trial?
  3.  Who remains on trial?
  4.  Who have been discontinued?
  5.  Was the character of each conference member passed?
  6.  Who has been received on credentials?
  7.  Who has been received into full connection?
  8.  Who has been elected and ordained deacon?     
  9.  Who shall be Standing Investigation Committee?
10.  Who shall be Program Committee?
11.  Who has been elected and ordained elder?
12.  Who has been elected and ordained Bishop?
13.  Who are on trial in studies of the first year?
14.  Who are on trial in studies of the second year?
15.  Which members are in studies of the third year?
16.  Which members are in studies of the fourth year?
17.  Have any withdrawn?
18.  Have any been expelled?
19.  Who have died?
20.  Who shall be Conference Treasurer?
21.  Who shall be Conference Steward?
22.  Who shall be Conference Trustee?
23.  Who shall be Sunday School Supervisor?
24.  Who shall constitute the Sunday School Board?
25.  Who shall be Lay Leader of Young People?
26.  Who shall constitute the Nominating Committee?
27.  Who shall constitute the Education Board?’
28.  What is the statistical report?
29.  Where are the preachers stationed?
30.  Where shall the next Annual Conference be held?

XII.  Unfinished Business:  

    a.  Allocation of Conference Funds
    b.  Are there any Amendments to the Proposed Budget 
    c.  Are there any Special Projects to the Allocated from Reserve Funds 

XII.  Unfinished Business

XIII.  Recommendations:

XIV.  Announcements 

XV.  Adjournment