Maxton- Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church (SHMC) -One of the growing ministries of SHMC is what is quickly becoming its annual ” Live” nativity program celebrating the glorious birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When doing such a program the stars of the show are not the people but rather the animals which require a lot of work and care. One of the major tasks, of course, is the transporting of the animals from home to the church. This year’s event was made much easier because of some hard work by members of the church and some kind contributions. Sister Cecelia Locklear and family donated funds that purchased the materials necessary for a paddock area for the Camel, Llama and horse. In addition to a small secure fenced area for the smaller more vulnerable creatures like sheep, goats, cattle and et cetera. While the hay for the animal performers during their two weeks stay was donated by Mr. Randall Jones, of Pineview Enterprise, Inc. And though most of the animals are either owned by the church or its members this years’ sheep was provided by Mr. Ken Gardner.