shoeheel 2014 beach trip 2

Maxton- One of the most important things the church can do for their children and youth is to teach them that Christians can and do have a good time serving the Lord without a lot of the things that the “world” says are required to have in order to enjoy life. This was evident when about forty members went down to Myrtle Beach State Park. For some of the youth it was the first time they had been to the beach with the opportunity to get in the water. The adults all brought picnic baskets that were then shared by the entire group, as well as, passersby. The group played games, sat around and fellowshiped and slept for a while going and coming back. A special treat was the parks on educational program which shared some of the wildlife common to the park are birds, frogs, turtles and yes even that least admired of fellows snakes. The outing demonstrated that you can have an exciting time with the Lord if you really have the desire.

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