AUGUST 9-18, 2011

The first thing that I would like to do is to give a special thanks to everyone that gave to this mission work.  Every gift that was given help to secure the building projects and to purchase Bibles for the Brothers and Sisters in Brazil, was well received.


Just to be honest with you all, there is not words that I could use to tell you the full story what our team experienced and what we were allowed to see.  Even being limited I will share with you to the best of my ability what the trip was like.


We flew out of Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday Morning about 7:50 AM and for the next 20 hrs we were flying or catching the next leg of our flight.  We arrived in Fortaleza, Brazil at 3:15AM the next morning, and just as he had said, Anthony Pessoa our interpreter was there along Pastor Ze Maria and two other Brothers from the church.

We stopped by Anthony’s house where his wife had a full breakfast for us ready.  We ate and fellowshipped prior to traveling Triaiad, Brazil, which is about 70 miles north.  After about two hours traveling we reached the home of the Oliverias, who once again opened their home up for us to reside.  We got settled in, and we made our introductions.  Everyone was ready for a little rest, but not much because we had church that night.


We were blessed to have attended church all eight nights while in the country.  Each night we gave out Bibles to those in attendance.  One of the most memorable events was when one lady said that the gift of that Bible was the best gift she had ever had.  So many  that received these Bibles had never had the opportunity to hold a Bible before, much less owned one.  We had the opportunity to give out some two hundred of these gift Bible to the Brothers and Sister.  There where some five hundred left that would be given out at the other churches.  They would also have Bibles to give when a new convert was saved, praise the Lord.


We went with Pastor Ze Maria to purchase the materials to finished the Church at the fisherman village.  The next day we were at the church putting the roof system on the Church.  We were excited just getting to be a part of preparing a place of worship for these people who had worshipped in the street of their village for a year and a half.  Last week, September 16, 2011 the Pastor told me that the villagers had worshipped for the first time in their new church. How wonderful is our God, that He can through the hearts of the people of the Lumber River Holiness Methodist Conference made it possible for people on another continent to have a place to worship in.  Not only give them the church, but also the word of God to study.


We also gave the Pastor and the deacons the money to purchase the materials needed to finish another of the churches.  The Pastor projects that that church should be finished by the years end.  Will that not be one of the greatest blessings we could expect for our labors for this year.


We were able to preach four nights at the different churches.  Our hearts were overwhelmed by the responses when the invitations were given.  Some twenty souls were saved and others rededicated their lives to the Lord, thanks be to God.  That was well worth our trip to Brazil.


The one things that stands out from all the rest was our trip to the church at Dark Waters.  After service, the deacon ask if we would stop by his house and pray with his wife for she was sick.  This man so poor that he did not have money or the means to take his wife to the doctor.  She had had a baby two weeks prior, and without proper care she had caught an infection.  She was so sick, but her husband had faith that God would heal her.  We anointed her, and her sick child who had an ear infection.  In that little humbled home the presence of God was manifested, for He healed the deacons house that night.  I don’t think any of us will ever forget the night that God Healed the Deacon’s Household, thank You Lord.


We have prepared a slide show of pictures for you to view to help you to see some of the things we encountered.  We also have a video of the Pastor Ze Maria and his wife, Midian giving their personal thanks through the help of Anthony Pessoa.

Slide Show by Barbra Scott from Cherokee


Video by Rev Jimmy Locklear



Once again let me say thank you for your support of the Brazilian Outreach Team Mission.  May God Bless You All.


Rev. Jimmy F. Locklear


The Mission Team