Bro. Rocky Locklear did an in-depth study of David in the bible this year with Cherokee’s Teens; therefore he wanted to take the topic of David to the next level. He designed a retreat at Camp Rockfish which consist of climbing a 35 ft wall, used a bow for archery, went zip lining and completed a few group challenges. You see David was a simple boy when he was called, but he was recognized because he practiced leadership with sheep then was elevated to the throne. This retreat linked how David ran to the cave in 1 Samuel chapter 22 as the children had to climb the tower. Later, the youth had to work through communication and team work to get through the group challenges sort of the way that David and the 400 men had to come together to combat Saul later in the chapter. Our closure is when Jonathan shot three arrows to protect David against Saul in 1 Samuel chapter 20, as the youth used a bow to shoot arrows to see how difficult it can be. The most valuable lesson was the zip lining when the youth had to face their fears like David in Psalms 27. This day (a very hot one) allowed the heat and elements of life to charge the youth pass their comfort zones. Overall this retreat allowed Cherokee’s youth to collaborate and bond together. Also, we thank Ms. Mary E. Locklear for assisting with this special day. Stay tuned, we have a canoe trip scheduled soon!

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