{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap}s the month of October begins every year, millions of people don themselves with the color pink and with the logo “Fight like a Girl”. These two factors symbolize that the month of breast cancer has begun. Another sign that this month of recognition of breast cancer has begun is when Yoplait Yogurt begins their annual “Save Lids to Save Lives”. “Save Lids to Save Lives” raises money by having people to collect their pink Yoplait lids and sending them. With every lid that is sent Yoplait donates ten cents to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Susan G. Komen Foundation raises breast cancer awareness and is involved in finding a cure for breast cancer. At Riverside Holiness Methodist, we are now collecting Yoplait yogurt lids beginning in the month of October through until the month of December. This is a worthy cause that many people should become involved in as many people have in some way been affected by cancer, whether it is through a family member or friend having cancer or through them having cancer themselves. Although Susan G. Komen is dedicated to breast cancer, it gives inspiration to many who are affected by other cancers. Our church alone has had five people who have had cancer, therefore, it is very important to them and to fellow church members to raise awareness about cancer so that there may one day be a cure both for breast cancer and for other cancers. As a celebration of our church cancer survivors we honored each one with a special presentation during service.   Collecting Yoplait lids October through December is now an annual occurrence for Riverside Holiness Methodist Church which will be continued throughout the years.