We completed the outside clean-up  of our church. During the first day, July 13th  we addressed the steeple by renting a bucket and got it back in great condition. We also fixed the light fixtures did touchup painting and anything that needed maintenance. We pressure washed the brick and began on the metal roof which we did not finish until day two. On day two Aug. 17th the task was all about cleaning  the metal roof. We rented 50ft. bucket truck and had great weather. I asked the Lord to allow it to be cloudy and not a blue bird day, God granted my request. Bro Joe Bullard, Bro Raymond Locklear, Bro Don  Hammonds led in the endeavor, our trustees, a big thank you to all that came out to help. Now I must add that I have a few skills at running a bucket if one of our churches need assistance in steeple cleaning or tree removal give me a notice and hopefully we will be able to pen you in and allow our talent to manifest. I have chainsaws and ropes as of right now, MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS OUR EFFORTS! 

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