Maxton- It is interesting to see what forty years of wear and tear can do, whether it is to a building, a sign or a driveway. Here at Shoeheel the results were very visible with the building needing painting, the brick sign out front was decayed with small lettering and was pushed over by one big push from one man. The drive way had ruts in some places two feet deep hard to imagine but this was the case. But no longer because the members and friends of the church took the initiative to clean the church property inside and out, pressure washing the church, painting trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, clearing wooded lots, picking up debris and preparing the driveway to the point that it now ready for paving. Seeing all of the deterioration that had taken, only intensifies, the story of the children of Israel and their remarkable journey of wandering in the wilderness and not even a stitch of their clothing wearing out.