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Maxton- On September 6, 2014 members of Shoeheel church finally stopped talking about missions and did some in the form of building a much needed and long overdue wheel chair ramp for long time member Sister Emma Locklear. Mrs. Locklear has been faithful in service to our Lord Jesus Christ and though blind and now suffering from health issues that force her to use a wheel chair she always has something good to say about our Savior. Volunteers from her church family and CYNAS 3E arrived early and took advantage of the umbrella that God had provided in the form of clouds which was so greatly appreciated especially in light of the extremely hot weather of the past several weeks. We would like to thank Armando and Mike Milicia, Clay and Landon Locklear, Mitchell Harris, Harold Jacobs, Glenn Locklear, Josh Locklear, Tim Locklear and Mr. Bracy Scott the elder statesman of the group and project supervisor for making this effort such a success. Upon completion of the ramp everyone moved on over to the Church to participate in a “hot dog” evangelism event sponsored by the church youth. (Pictured below L-R) Clay, Landon, Mitchell and Mr. Bracy

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