Maxton, October 13 2014 – The scriptures teach us that the Lord will add to the church daily such as should be saved this thought has been on display for all to see recently at Shoeheel Holiness Methodist church in August four people came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ during the worship service. Two weeks later in September three individuals came forward acknowledging that they were lost and gave their lives to the Lord. Once again during today’s service the subject of church expansion was front and center as four more stepped out of the seat of darkness and confusion and into the marvelous light of the power of God’s grace accepting Him as their personal Savior. We praise God for all that He is doing and allowing us to be a part of. Thus far this year there have been 14 professions of faith made from the congregation and we are expecting the Lord to add many more. We are honored to welcome Kendra Locklear, Alex Locklear, Latoya Hinds and John Q. Harris into the Body of Christ and pray for their maturity in the Faith.