In today’s sermon, Pastor Dwayne Lowry of Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church emphasized the Apostle Paul’s experience with a “thorn in the flesh,” a symbol of intense pain that led him to seek God’s intervention three times. Despite Paul’s pleas for its removal, God affirmed that His grace was sufficient. The sermon aimed to debunk the claims of the so-called Prosperity Gospel, exposing its falsehoods.

Pastor Lowry referenced three verses from Psalms to illustrate the doctrinal flaws of the Prosperity Gospel. Psalm 119:67 states that affliction led the psalmist back to God’s word after going astray. Psalm 119:71 declares the benefit of affliction in learning God’s statutes, and Psalm 119:75 acknowledges God’s righteous judgments in faithfully afflicting the believer.

The central message conveyed that the “wealth and health” gospel contradicts the truths found in God’s word. The sermon emphasized that our earthly health is vulnerable, and material wealth is not the focus of the genuine Gospel. True joy is found in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, providing forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with the one and only holy God. Repentance and faith in Christ grant us the privilege of addressing God as our Father. The congregation was urged to remain vigilant against false gospels, which may sound appealing but ultimately lead to spiritual death.