On June of 2014, Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church honored their graduates. Malea Freeman graduated from Sandy Plains Day Care. Owen Deese and Jenna Locklear graduated from Prospect Kindergarten. Cameron Scott, Cheyenne Oxendine. Takoda Rogers, and Ayana Oxendine graduated from Union Chapel School Kindergarten. Rylan Strickland graduated from Union Elementary and Alexa Lowery graduated from Kindergarten. We had 4 Purnell Swett High School graduates. They were Jacob Blue, Sterlin Locklear, Bryon Maynor, Ashland Locklear, and Taylor Locklear. Our very special graduate, Kyra Deese, finished from Home School. Kelsey Cummings and Tracy Locklear both earned graduate degrees from UNCP. Jamie Jones earned a nurse practitioner degree from Troy University. May God continue to bless these graduates.

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