Shannon NC- Seeing a need and addressing the same are often two extremes of any given issue and while most people can readily recognize and assess the validity of a need most either lack the ability or the means to address it. Fortunately for the Wanda Lovetickle family, Tim Locklear, coordinator for the Community And Disabilities Service (CADS) program of CYNAS Foundation saw the need for a wheelchair ramp and worked to see it come to fruition. In collaboration with Lowe’s employees Susan Hill, Kenneth Locklear and Mark Merrick, along with NJ McNeill of God’s Holy Assembly (Red Springs), Wayne Swett of New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church (Fairmont) and Tim Paul Locklear II of the Multitudes Church (Laurinburg) spent the first Saturday of the New Year measuring, cutting and constructing a wheel chair ramp to help improve the life of Lovetickle who is suffering from a number of debilitating health issues. In addition to donating time and talent to the project Lowe’s Home Improvement also furnished the materials necessary to complete the task.