“The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object”. -Thomas Jefferson-
3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

Consider this – “out of 50 governors and 100 U.S. senators, not a single one has announced support for full legalization, even in Colorado and Washington, which have already passed laws legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana” this according to a recent Huffington Post article. In fact Colorado “Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) has repeatedly said he respects the will of his state’s voters, who approved Amendment 64 by a 10-point margin in 2012. But he’s also maintained that he “hates” the “experiment” and believes it will ultimately be detrimental to Colorado. In Washington, which will begin legal marijuana sales later this year, Gov. Jay Inslee (D) told The New York Times that while he understands some of the reasons for ending marijuana prohibition, he has concerns about the law’s possible effects on children”.

Meanwhile “same-sex marriage became legal in North Carolina on Friday, with a federal judge ordering the state to immediately set aside its ban. With a stroke of his pen in a Charlotte-based lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn of Asheville struck down the state’s laws restricting marriage to a man and a woman”. In doing so, he erased Amendment One, the country’s last voter-approved, constitutional marriage ban, and a cultural, spiritual and political lightning rod in North Carolina. Doing so against the will of the people of the State when North Carolina’s Marriage Amendment also known as Amendment One it was passed by a voter margin of two to one or specifically 61.04% to 38.96% or in real numbers 1,317,178 for the ban against same-sex and 840,802 in favor. The same held true in the State’s Legislature with the House passing the measure by a vote of 75 to 42 and the Senate doing likewise by a count of 30 to 16.

It would seem that the sale of Marijuana and Gay marriage have nothing in common but consider this, the Gov. of Colorado and the Justice Department has said that it was the “will of the people” of the State who passed the measure by only a 10% margin thus setting policy for the entire State. Keep in mind that marijuana use, sale and distribution is still against Federal law. At the same time Constitutional Marriage amendments like the one in North Carolina and several other States which were passed by an overwhelming majority as illustrated above are being set aside by activist judges. What about the “will of the people” in these States on this issue it is ludicrous that one- person could dismiss the votes of 1.3 million people and only goes to show the level of hypocrisy in Government.

Time’s up.