“Dedication is cheap; True Commitment is expensive. It will always cost you your life.
-Dwayne Lowry-

In the course of church service over the past thirty years the concern has been and perhaps will always be how to encourage born again believers to get committed to the person of Jesus Christ and the great tasks of evangelizing the world and making disciples for the kingdom of God. The scriptures in psalms 37:5 compels the reader to “Commit” their way to the Lord; which, is often met with excitement and joy. Yet this passage goes so much further, it calls for the student to also “Trust” in the Lord as well. The combination of these two words cries for the scholar to travel past outer fringes of “Church life and Church memberships and beckons the Believers to delve into the sincere depth of “Christianity”. Going beyond the comfort zone of Sunday morning gatherings and midweek services to a life totally focused on a daily walk initiated by Jesus Christ and accomplished being led by the Holy Spirit.
Perhaps the following analogy can demonstrate the subtle yet very significant difference between a dedicated church member and a fully committed Christian. A farmer went out one day to feed his livestock the weather this particular day was very miserable. Being thankful the chickens and hogs decided to provide their faithful farmer with a good breakfast. When the appointed time came the rooster who along with the hens had dedicated themselves to the meal project dropped out two eggs with no fanfare. The hog looked over at them and said make sure you give him the best part of the ham. The moral of the story being the hens did what was very easy for them and what came very natural but for the hogs to fulfill their part someone had to die, now that’s commitment.

Time’s up.