-To get what you want, STOP doing what isn’t working-

In discussion after discussion with individuals and groups the consensus is that most churches in the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church (LRCHMC) have a phenomenal desire to see the local church grow. It is also as clear that they are at a loss as to how to make this happen. In a recent clergy course of study class the question was posed as to how can a Church achieve their desire for church growth, this can be accomplished but as a famous quote puts it “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” This is perhaps the most important phase of being successful- where to begin.

An organization whether a national restaurant chain, a regional hospital or public school system and in this case the local church all start from the same point. They must have a clear vision of what it is they are seeking to accomplish. The number one issue facing most if not all our local churches is that there is no clear purpose set before the congregation and statistics tells us that most people want to have a sense of purpose. They want to feel that they belong and that they are making a difference. It is from the understanding of the vision statement that the mission steps are clearly disseminated. In the mission statement specific tangible steps are spelled out that the organization feels will help them to achieve their overall goal.

While it is acceptable for businesses, sports teams and others to record numbers the church seems to be content to simply say that the numbers don’t matter. Or if a pastor strives to be the best they can be by reading extensively and attends course of studies and studies religiously somehow that pastor is not being humble enough, but what hypocrisy when most everyone wants the very best. People often don’t remember who lost the Superbowl, the World Series, the NBA Finals we personally want the best doctors when facing surgery, we want our children to get the best education, but we settle for mediocrity when it comes to the Spiritual leaders of our lives. Read the scriptures both the Old and New Testaments and it is clear that numbers matter to God and thus should matter to us.

Time’s up.