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{xtypo_rounded1}The Holy Spirit in the New Testament sense is the presence of God which bears witness to, and makes effectual, the historical Christ as a living personal presence. The operation of the Holy Spirit is necessary for the Word about Christ to become the Word of Christ for us, and for the Word of Christ to become the Word of God.

Brunner- “The Christian Doctrine of the Church, Faith, and the Consummation”{/xtypo_rounded1}

           {xtypo_dropcap}Q{/xtypo_dropcap}uite often in the church either by a lack of knowledge and clear understanding or simply as an act of complacency makes the reference of the Holy Spirit as an it. But the overwhelming evidence in the scriptures on the Spirit’s being is such that there is sufficient warranty to speak of the Holy Spirit as a person. “He is not viewed in the New Testament, as is sometimes expressed in the Old Testament, in the form of a divine force or power”. In the New Testament he speaks (Act_8:29 ), He commissions by sending forth (Act_13:4), He gives direction for service (Act_16:6-7), He makes intercession on our behalf (Rom_8:26), guides (Joh_16:13), teaches (Act_15:26), and indwells the believer (Joh_14:17 ) . The common attributes of will (1Co_12:11) , knowledge (1Co_2:10-11) , and love (Rom_15:30) are His. His very name is Holy Spirit, and wrong can be committed against him (Act_5:3; Heb_10:29).

While there is some debate over the translation of the use of “Holy Spirit” versus “Holy Ghost” especially in the King James Version it is clear that both terms are making reference to the third-person of the Trinity. Much like the reference to Jesus, the Christ and the Messiah are readily interpreted to be referring to the Son of God. For example the translation of Act 2:4 “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” In part A of the verse the declaration of those present being filled with the person of the “Holy Ghost” and part B a demonstration of the operation of the person. We as believers must learn to experience the person of the Holy Spirit in such a way that evidence of His life in us presents God to the world around us.


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