The Word for Homecoming was Homecoming and Heart-trouble, brought from the text of Gen. 45 where Joseph refrains no more from his brothers but reveals who he is and reconciles his father and brothers back to himself along with Pharoah saying regard not your stuff for the good of all of Egypt is yours. All to often when bad things happen in our lives we allow that to be our platform that we live life off of but Joseph told his jealous brothers what you meant for evil God meant for good to Preserve life, have a Posterity in the earth, Prevent poverty, and have Provision in the way. So Gen.45:1 Refrain not from the truth, Gen 45:2-4 Reveals the truth, Gen. 45:5-7 Reconciled by the truth, and Gen 45:20 Regard not your stuff, WHAT A PICTURE OF JESUS IN THE OT,  so I encourage you today to allow God to be your cure for heart-trouble and he can prepare you for the grand homecoming of all when we get to Heaven. 

Macedonia Homecoming 2013 15

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