Union Chapel– On November, 21 2010 a different type of Bible Study group met for the first time moderated by Sister Heather Locklear  what made this one so unique is the fact that the study centered round a religion other than Christianity and how we as believers should relate to it. There were some great questions and very open discussion about what those who follow the teachings of Buddha believe and how they are different from those of Christianity and what similarities might be in place. Those individuals present for this first informal session were:


Heather Locklear, Tim Paul Locklear, Mrs. Diane Goins

April Locklear,Mrs. Mertis Oxendine, Gene Deese

Willie Scott, Dwayne Lowry, Willie Ann Locklear

Avery Keith Chavis, NJ McNeill, Heather Hagans

The next coffee table discussion will be 6 pm December, 19 2010 at Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church and will focus on Islam or the Muslim faith and all are invited to attend.