{xtypo_dropcap}F{/xtypo_dropcap}airmont- Perhaps you have noticed pink ribbons attached to cars or men and women wearing pink ribbons on their clothing or caught glimpse of a NFL football game and noticed the big brutes dressed with pink socks, gloves or some of the college and high school teams wearing pink jerseys or shoes. Perhaps you saw all of this and wondered what all the pink was about. Well October is Breast cancer awareness month it has been established as a time to shed light on a very serious disease which impacts so many lives. It is a time to remind women of all ages to self examinations of their breast being careful to feel for lumps or other abnormalities and to see their doctor for an early check up or mammogram.  Although we most often associate breast cancer with women it is also a good time to remind ourselves that there are men who have been struck by the disease as well.


The Congregation of New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church has celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink ribbons, bows, ties, shirts and other form of clothing and/or accessories. Miss Santanna Lowry encouraged the congregation the first Sunday of the month to come forward and take a piece of ribbon in support of Mrs. Betty Hunt who works with the youth of the church and just this month has undergone surgery and started treatment after being diagnosed with the disease. The response was over whelming as we ran out of ribbon and many cut theirs in half to share with others. After service the congregation visitors and all stayed and took a photograph which was converted into a get well soon card which was signed by many.


Ms Betty Hunt