As we approach Resurrection Sunday our pastor addressed the different responses of people during the Triumphal Entry to the death of Jesus on the cross. Luke’s gospel records the praises, confrontations, betrayal, denial, trial, beating, death, and resurrection of Jesus. During his sermon a point that reverberated was, even though our relationship with the Savior as a Christian is a personal walk, it’s always on public display. Whether we like it or not, he said, “people will judge Jesus based upon our life.” Therefore, our response to Jesus from our praises to celebrating the resurrection should not be self-serving but done in an act of gratitude and humility.

Shoesheel would like to extend an invitation to attend their outdoor Resurrection Service on April 4th held at Brother Glenn and Sister Colette’s located at 430 Oquinn Road Maxton NC 28364. Service begins around the pond at 6:45am please bring a lawn chair.