Maxton- Some eight months ago some members of Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church passed a yard sale with a set of drums displayed the two geniuses decided to purchase the drum set and give them to the church as a gift which the church was glad to accept. There was only one problem however there was no one at the church who could play the drums which left many thinking how bright could these two have been. Imagine the sheer horror when the drums were placed in the podium area with still no one to play them all shining cymbals, drumsticks and stool ready to go what were they thinking. The scriptures declares unto us that by FAITH we call into being things that are not yet and today for the first time that decision to purchase a set of drums came full circle when Mason Deese joined the Reverend Harold Jacobs on piano and the Reverend Clyde Locklear on the organ for the first time. What an amazing God we serve who knew that this day would come when it made no sense to many of us here. Mason is the son of William and Susan Deese and the grandson of our Conference secretary Sister Dianne Belcher.