By now most if not all Conference church’s has held their semi-annual “Revivals” what is really meant when this declaration is made is that “revival services” have been held. For true revival is more than a few meetings accompanied with singing and preaching. True revival brings forth change in the individual which leads to positive change for the church which is easily evidenced within the community. With deep concerns for all our Conference membered and affiliated congregations Shoeheel church has buckled itself with the privilege of praying for our Conference as a whole and for the next two Sunday evenings extends an invitation to all of those who are concerned to come and join us at 6 pm to seek the face of the Lord on behalf of His Church. October 26, 2014 and November 2, 2014 is your opportunity to express your hopes and vision for the future work of the Lord from within your local church and our Conference as a whole. These two dates are prior to our Annual Conference Session to be held at Riverside Memorial Holiness Methodist church on November 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2014.

Conference wide there are around 20 positions that are filled either through election or appointment. The purpose of these scheduled intercessory prayer meetings is to pray for the position not the person(s) in said position. For example pastors- while it most needful for prayers to be lifted on their behalf before Almighty God, the sole purpose of these special prayer opportunities is to focus in on the position not the person. The logic is simple the person serving in the capacity of pastor is every changing, the role and responsibilities of a pastor is never changing. If you cannot come in person take out your Book of Discipline look up these positions and often as you can pray for them, seek that God will place who He wishes in these positions and that He helps us to keep politics, personal feelings and emotional attachments out of the way.