Pembroke-Union Chapel –The Reverend Ramnarine Ramjeawan affectionately known as Brother Nirane is once again making his annual pilgrimage to the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through powerful Holy Ghost filled preaching and exhortation to those in attendance. One of his most poignant points was the fact the pastors of the church must possess a great burden for the church emphasizing that for those called to the position of leadership owe their allegiance to Christ and His Church above everything else. Using the illustration of Jesus’s visit to the home of Mary and Martha he pointed out that Martha had gotten busy doing everything but the one thing that she should have been doing which was learning from the Master. He also shared with the congregation of about 40 all of the wonderful things that God was doing in the life of the churches and Bible School in Trinidad and the work that these students and graduates were now doing over in Guyana. Under his tutelage and leadership of the Holy Spirit they have heard as Paul did the great Macedonian Call except in this case it is Guyana. With their ability to be able to accomplish so much with so little one can only wonder what those of us here could accomplish if we would simply hear the CALL.