Maxton- September 15, 2019 Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church (SHMC) – The congregation, family and friends in attendance were treated to a most wonderful opportunity this morning by hearing some biblical teaching from the Reverend Ramnarine Ramjeawan, a home missionary serving in Trinidad and supported by the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church (LRCHMC) whose headquarters is located in Pembroke, NC. The Reverend Ramjeawan affectionately known as Brother Nirane chose to speak on the subject of GO. This was a very fitting subject since for the past two years the church has had as its focus three words Know, Grow and Go. This evangelistic effort reminds believers that we are to Know Jesus Christ (Salvation), we are to Grow in Jesus Christ (Christian Discipleship) and to Go into the world and share Jesus Christ (Evangelism).