What a Blessing to have been part of a great Revival services at New Bethel HMC! We gathered together here at New Bethel on May 17th,2015 not knowing what God was going to do through the week, But the Manifestation of his power, his presents was truly witnessed through the week! We heard messages on Zeal, God cares for you, have a Personal relationship with Jesus, it was just phenomena to have witnessed the testimonies, the Confessions of doing better for the Lord, the Anointing services, the obedience of Gods people, He’s power is Real! Thanks to the Clergy through the Week, Rev. Robin Hammonds and Rev. Ricky Burnett. Thanks to the Singers and all that supported may Christ ever Richly bless you as our Prayer!

New beth rev 2015a 2

New beth rev 2015a 1