In the good ole days, when our neighbor was in need, the community pitched in and helped.  We pulled our resources together, pulled up our sleeves and didn’t go home until the job was done.  That spirit still lives today.  Churches across the county are coming together to raise enough of money to build a new home for a needy family.


In 2008, Shawn Gingras was injured in a motorcycle accident that has confined him to a wheelchair.  His disabilities (paralysis) prevent him from working.  Kristy, his wife, is the sole caregiver, therefore, unable to work.  Kristy, Shawn and their four young children live in Fayetteville and currently, renting an older model 2-bedroom single mobile home.  The home has limited space, has both interior and exterior structural damage and is infested with mold.  The presence of the mold exposes the entire family to an unhealthy living environment.  Shawn sleeps in one of the bedrooms and faces challenges every day, because the home is not handicap accessible.  Due to the mold, the other bedroom is not accessible and unable to be used.  Therefore, Kristy and the children sleep on a sofa and on an air mattress in the living room.  They only have a few belongings, because they lost much of it when they could not pay for storage.  This young family deserves a home to call their own.  Presently, with the Lord’s help and by generous contributions of the community, land has been purchased near Kristy’s family on Cabinet Shop Road, right outside of Pembroke, a place near family support and friendly faces.



On the great day of Sunday, July, 4 2010, we are asking local churches to have a love offering for the Gingras family.  This money would be used for the construction of a new home.  This would help the family escape from unsafe, unhealthy living conditions.  It would help the family free up money for food, clothes, medicine, and other necessities.  This home can improve the family’s health, increase the children’s educational achievements, and it would strengthen the community and local churches ties. 

For more information Contact Ms. Diane Goins 910-521-2051