Maxton- In January of this year one member of Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church went to the church on a Saturday morning and started praying for the local church, its’ surrounding community and the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church in particular. He began to invite others and challenge the church to get committed to a life of prayed. His efforts have seen a lot of reward in the three months following the attendance has grown steadily with an attendance this last Saturday of the month of over thirty. It has given the opportunity for individuals to lead in ways that they never had before. By teaching a short biblical lesson to the group before an altar prayer is held. If you are concerned about the plight of your Country, County and Church demonstrate this concern by taking some special time out this week to bring the matter before a God who cares and can change the situation. If you feel like it get up this coming Saturday morning and join those who will most assuredly be gathered at Shoeheel interceding on your behalf.