The Mission of any Body of Christian Believers is two-fold. First, we are charged to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by starting at home in our own families and communities then to our larger communities as is the case in the United States of America here in North Carolina and finally to the entire world. It is not probable that all of us here across the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist church will up-root and become missionaries and/or evangelists but it does mean that we are to develop a heart for outreach and church establishment. Secondly, we are compelled to make disciples. This can only be achieved by providing educational opportunities that train new converts in the basic Doctrines of the Christian faith, spiritual formation curriculum on prayer, biblical study, etc. and evangelism whether it is personal, door-to-door, media or preaching events.

If you feel that the above describes your heartfelt understanding of Christian Mission or if you have read this and now realize that this is not what your life is about then an invitation is extended to you to come and visit Shoeheel. If you are currently in a church working and doing everything that you can to build the kingdom of God then you are encouraged to stay there and keep up the good work. But if you feel that there is more that the Lord wants you to do, if you are looking for a place for mutual Christian accountability or perhaps you are looking for some where to feel as though you belong we encourage you to read the strategic plan for the church here at Shoeheel and grab hold of a vison predicated on one simple belief “IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS”

Pay us a visit or come and work for a lifetime.

Click here for strategic plan for Shoeheel