Fairmont-This year’s Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church’s   Sunday School Convention was hosted by New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church. The event was led by conference superintendent Crawley Locklear, of Cherokee Chapel Holiness Methodist Church. The event was attended by some 144 folk who were led in worship by kids, youth and adults from the following churches from within the Conference: Union Chapel, New Bethel, Hopewell, Maxton Full-Gospel, Macedonia and Shoeheel. The great talent of our Conference was on display from the beginning when Union Chapel emphasized the power of prayer through the Lord’s Prayer. New Bethel reminded everyone present that working for the kingdom of the Lord takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Utilizing the work necessary to have a beautiful garden the group demonstrated how it takes many people, with many talents to be successful.

114After this group the youth form Hopewell gave a modern adaptation of the David and Goliath narrative in what I liked to call the fall of “Big G and the Crew”. This was well received by the congregation and gives us up for the future of our Conference. Maxton gave a parallel of the Parable of Jesus of “those who build their house on the Rock and those who build upon the Sand”. This was followed by Macedonia with a warning that the Lord is soon to return and we all need to get on Board and that we are able to get on-board because the simple “Amazing Grace”  of God. The final group from Shoeheel gave two soul-stirring renditions of very familiar hymns.