Summer Camp 2011 at Camp Grace
“When Time Began”
A lot can happen in 6 days…
Hebrews 11:3

Written by Morgan Deese of Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church

The teens went to Camp Grace the week of June 12- June 17th.  We had a blast doing activities incorporating God.  We mainly focused on what God can do in six days.  He created this Earth.  We had a guest speaker who spoke every night from the Outer Banks.   Some of the fun activites that we participated in was the rock wall, swimming, volleyball, basketball, and much more.  Singing and doing drama were some of the highlights that week.  The camp staff had a skit night, which was alot of fun.  We had a bon fire the last night, this is where we shared our testominies.  We are glad that we had a chance to go to camp this summer.  It was so much fun and we grew closer tothe Lord.