On 9-16-12 we took the time to thank Bro. Don for 39yrs as Sunday School Superintendent and his work as treasurer, groundskeeper, and unofficial trustee. We also thanked Sis Betty for her roll as secretary, layleader and asst. layleader, custodian and both their devotion to Youth for Christ and now Seniors for Christ.  Sis Betty is also responsible for the seasonal flower arrangements in the church. Sis. Betty heads the group Macedonia New Beginners as our singing ministry at the church and there roll for supporting us at the 5th Sunday Singings. Bro. Don as he takes the Birthday offerings every Sunday morning makes reference to the party and the invitation getting lost in the mail but that day I had my on mailman and the cake and he was invited and all the cake was ate! WE THANK YOU TRUE SERVANTS OF THE LORD!!!!


Do you ever wonder who opens the door,
Cuts the grass, and vacuums the floor?
Do you ever wonder who builds the props
Counts the money and uses the mops?
He greets us in our special day,
Takes our offering for a five minute stay.
They do more for the church than they are ask,
Punctual and Practical for every task.
He makes his rounds and helps with the sound,
Sis Betty has to tell him up or down.
Time has come and gone steps a little slower,
I seen him at Macedonia on that John Deere mower.
Words cannot express the value of the work that you do,
We at Macedonia take the time to thank you.

Rev. 2:10b [to the church of Smyrna] “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

Thank You
Pastor Robin R. Hammonds

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