Today at Shoeheel Pastor Lowry gave a detailed explanation of who Jesus is according to the biblical text. During Jesus’ time training the disciples Matthew’s Gospel records that He asked them a direct question. Today Pastor Lowry asked us the same question, which is, “He [Jesus] saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am”, (Matt 16:13, KJV)? Many in the world perceive Jesus as a good person, a prophet, and even one of many gods. Yet the pastor demonstrated that is not what the Bible declares. But Jesus incarnate is God in the flesh (John 1:1;14, John 14:9, Php 2:6), come to redeem His human creation to anyone who would place their faith in Him. Furthermore, those who choose to follow Him are His “doulos” or willful slaves (James 1:1) and Jesus is their Lord or Master, they are not ashamed to evangelize and live out as he coined it an “Active Application Christian life” where ever they are. Many want the crown but Jesus demands His followers to carry their cross and deny themselves which is not the popular culturally accepted American idea of Christianity. He stressed we need to have a clear understanding of who Jesus Christ is so we can articulate to anyone who may ask why we serve Him.