New Bethel Holiness Methodist Church celebrated Easter Sunday with a program called “Three Rugged Crosses”.

The children started the program with the EASTER acrostic:

E is for each of us, God loves everyone.

A is for a broken world so he sent his Son.

S is for the sins that Jesus took away.

T is for the tomb where he laid for three whole days.

E is for the empty tomb the stone was rolled away.

R is for a risen Lord, Jesus is Alive!

Poems were read by our adults which were titled: “That Easter Morning”, “The Cross”, “Happy Easter”, “Were You There” to name a few.

Songs were sung before and during the play: “He Lives”, “Resurrection Morn”, “Three Rugged Crosses”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “I Will Rise”.

The play was the story of a man who owned a little store about two thousand years ago.  The store was in Jerusalem across the street from Pilate’s hall.  People came from miles around to shop in his store, but there was one thing he thought he would never sell, three old rusty spike nails. One day a Roman soldier came in and said he wanted to buy some big, big nails. The store owner said, I only have three.  The Roman soldier said that’s enough for the job I have.  He asked him what could he do with just three spike nails.  He replied, “Today I intend to show the world who’s boss, for with these three nails, I’m going to nail that man Jesus to a cross.”

The store owner fell to his knees and begged the Roman soldier to let him buy them back, but he just looked at him and grinned and walked away. With three rusty nails, they nailed Jesus to a tree and his blood washed our sins away!