This mother’s day was dedicated to Brides who became mothers.  The title of the presentation was, Once a Bride, but Always a Mother! It occurred to me that although we live in a time when traditional marriage and families are not popular. When the world tries to persecute and demolish what God has created as a Holy Covenant, it becomes our responsibility as Christians to celebrate weddings and anniversaries that put God first! If there was ever a time when we need to exalt Christ-centered marriages and families, it’s now! One day, Jesus will return to take us all as His Bride and we will join in Holy Matrimony with Jesus our Bridegroom for all eternity. 

Before worship, the young men ushered each mother into the sanctuary after Sunday School. The men of the church sang a sweet hymnal and each mother was presented with a purple worship tote bag. Bother Kelly Cummings brought an inspiring message from Proverbs 31 and shared the characteristics of a Good Mother. One with a good heart, speech, true beauty on the inside, and her good works will always speak for her!