A Riverside Christmas Celebration

On Sunday evening, December 18th, at 6 pm Riverside celebrated the birthday of our Savior. With the assistance of the adult choir, Riverside’s youth and children’s ministries presented our annual Christmas play. This year’s play was entitled “What Shall I Do With This Jesus?: The Nativity”.

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The play showed the lives of each of the people that were involved in the birth of Jesus and how they had to make a choice as to how they would respond to Jesus – would they reject Him or accept Him? The guest narrator – the Apostle Paul – challenged the congregation to decide for themselves how they would answer the question — “What Shall I Do With This Jesus? The Christmas play was actually Part One of a two-part play – the second part being the Passion of Christ, which will be performed on Easter Sunday. This year’s play was unique in that it represented the first time that a live nativity scene was created as a part of the play – no real animals, but there was real hay

After the play, the church held its annual Christmas party in the fellowship hall. All in attendance enjoyed a time of good food and fellowship. The youth and children received presents from the church. Overall, the night was an excellent time of celebration for Jesus’s birthday.