Union Chapel Youth for Christ is ushering in the next generation of young singers with the convening of youth ages 2 to 20 who are eager and willing to serve and worship God through song and music. The youth choir director, Ms. Cassandra Scott and other youth leaders led by a burning desire to see lost souls saved began working with the youth in January 2015. Cassandra’s testimony is to be a spark that starts a whole blaze. The choir is evidence that God can take our small efforts and multiply or magnify them.

The choir comprises about 25 children who attend various churches across the Union Chapel Community. The group was pleased to be invited to participate in the Bible Study led by Bro. Tim Locklear Jr. at Harrington Family Care this past Wednesday night. The 3 songs shared were; Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace”, “I Will Rise” and “Our God is Awesome”! The choir is inviting everyone to come for an encore performance at Union Chapel Holiness Methodist Church on this coming Friday night March 27, 2015 at 7pm at the “Been There and Done That” youth program.