Riverside church had our VBS on June 24 thru 26, and we had a blast. The theme for our VBS was ” God’s Backyard BIBLE CAMP” where kids have a blast serving JESUS. We had an average of about 50 kids each night with a high of about 73, so we are very thankful for what we accomplished this week. Each night the kids learned about Moses, Joseph, Miriam and how it is so important that we as Gods children get out of our backyards, our comfort zones and see what is happening out in our community’s. 

riverside vbs 2013 Web 2

We come to church, set down and we never see what is outside because when we look thru the windows at our church’s we can’t see outside because we have stained windows that stops us from seeing what is outside. Jesus, with his disciples went from town to town to spread the gospel and went to church to pray n praise the almighty God. We learned that we need to get out of the mud in our own “Backyard” and go out and be a servant for The Lord. I want to thank all the people who came out and worked very hard to make our VBS a success and thanks to our local Boy Scout for coming out and showing us how to start a fire without matches right in our own “Backyard”.


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