Conference Board Chairpersons

Please reach out to the chairperson to receive updates on the committee.

Budget Committee Chairman:

Rev. Scott Hammonds, (910) 827-1668

Education Board Chairman:

Rev. Anthony Chavis, (910) 775-9500

Home & Foreign Missions Board Chairman:

Rev. Bryan K. Oxendine, (910) 843-4546

Nomination Committee Chairman:

Rev. Orland Locklear, (910) 374-4828

Ordained Clergy and Standing Investigation Board Chairman:

Rev. Anthony Chavis, (910) 775-9500

Program Committee Chairman:

Bro. Jennings Bullard, (910) 521-3572

Conference Steward Chairman:

Rev. Scott Hammonds, (910) 843-6289

Sunday School Board Chairman:

Bro. Crawley Locklear, (910) 521-8292

Conference Trustee Chairman:

Rev. Willie Scott, Jr., (910) 521-4234