Maxton- The scriptures declare that we are to “repent and be baptized” a phrase which is often misunderstood. But simply put the word repent means to have a change of heart, mind or direction while baptism means to cover or immerse with water. There are other interpretations that can be placed on this phrase depending on the doctrinal or theological persuasion of the person being asked. But most would agree that when a person comes into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that the ritual of Baptism should naturally follow. On January 25, 2015 the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist church held a baptism at the Conference headquarters. Participating in the event were Presiding Bishop the Reverend Willie Scott Jr., officiants for the formal baptismal act were the Reverends Robin Hammonds (Macedonia) and Scott Hammonds (New Bethel) those who received their baptism were Chester Sutherland (Union Chapel), Santanna Lowry, Justin Locklear, Nicole Locklear and Billy Hunt all from Shoeheel.

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