Maxton-One of my favorite sayings is “ministry is never convenient” it often seems that the work of the Lord comes at the most inopportune time with our personal lives. But from time-to-time, every now and then, the Lord just does what seems improbable. Such was the case recently when Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church (SHMC) had a planned picnic and barbeque for the residents and staff of the Rowland Personal-Touch Family Care Facility (RPTCF). Members of the church also provided animals (camel, goat, Llama, miniature horse and cow) for the residents to enjoy. Expectations were that perhaps 40 people or so would be in attendance but participants were pleasantly surprised when members of the Crossroads Cruisers for Christ a local antique car club arrived with their old cars and trucks for the residents to see. Unexpectedly but thoroughly enjoyed was a large number of people who just stopped in to be a part of the festivities giving an opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared. Brother Mitchell Harris along with his wife Claire Rees led the day’s activities assisted by the Reverend Harold Jacobs, the animal wrangler and caretaker while the Antique cars were a result of the efforts of Brother Dennis Dial.