Macedonia – We are so thankful to God for our two blessed additions to the Body of believers at Macedonia HMC. Brother Brock Oxendine who comes to us from Southern Pines First Baptist Church on a letter of transfer, former Pastor spoke highly of him as a young man in Christ, Brother Brock has overcome many huge obstacles to become hopefully an asset to the Lord first and the Church. Recently Brock married one of our own, Kim Shoemake on August 4, 2012 one of the best weddings I have ever officiated and I believe they both will be a partnership for the Lord and will do great works. The other wonderful addition is my Mother-in-law, Sister Paulette Burnes who had been a lifelong member at Macedonia, departed from us for a season, but has returned proving herself faithful to us; a wonderful Sunday School teacher as well as other positions in the Church, serves well her Lord, church and family!