TO: Church Pastors and Lay Leaders

FROM: Conference Education Board Committee

SUBJECT: 2014 Conference Education Classes

Enclosed is the following information: A calendar, materials, handouts, letters and flyers regarding the upcoming education classes. You will receive detailed flyers regarding the Women’s Conference and Teen Retreat at a later date. Please read this information so that you will be familiar with the classes and share with your congregation.

We look forward to a great year in the Lord.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Anthony Chavis, Chairman, at (910)280-5332 or Debbie Chavis at (910)674-6982. You may also ask the Conference Education Member from your Church.

We are proud to say that all nine (9) Churches now have representation on the Education Board Committee.


2014 Education Classes Date Download flyer(s)
Woman’s Conference April 26, 2014 Event Flyer
The Art of Marriage May 31, 2014  Event Flyer
Teens Retreat June 28, 2014  
Back to School with Jesus Aug 1, 2014 Event Flyer

Suggestions for a Successful Program

Program Flyer

Donation Request Letter

Study Course:

“Praying, Fasting and Anointing”

Aug 17-19, 2014 Program Flyer