The week of September, 26 through October, 1 2010 was a very exciting time for the Lumber River Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church and for the Macedonia congregation in particular. For this was a week of revival shared with our Conference Missionary efforts in Trinidad and Tobago. We were pleased to hear of the great work that is taking place within the school there and their churches missionary works going on in Guyana, South America. The nightly services led by brother Nirane were uplifting and informative helping us to “Focus” on the task before us. Pastor Robin Hammonds would especially like to express the churches appreciation to all who came and participated in the services each night. A very special thank you goes out to all of those who help provide lodging and food for brother Nirane during his time with us.tdad_1_300

We the members of the Conference would like to thank the Reverend Hammonds, the Reverend Marvin Locklear, Conference Missionary and all of their fine folks for hosting such a great event and allowing the rest of the Conference to be a part of it. We would like to thank all of the churches and individuals who gave so generously to the mission projects in Trinidad this year. It is our understanding that some of our churches did not get the opportunity to give to this most worthwhile endeavor if you were not able to give at this time or missed the opportunity we invite you to continue to pray for brother Nirane and the church and invite you to feel free to contact Reverend Hammonds, the Reverend Locklear or the Conference about how you can become involved in this project.