Maxton- On June 28th, 2015 Shoeheel Holiness Methodist Church celebrated its’ annual homecoming service the morning sermon was given by the Reverend Clyde Locklear. He reminded the 120 worshipers in attendance that God kept is promises. That while we leave in an ever changing world where the keeping of promises is no longer held in high esteem he emphasized that God is still keeping His word whether humanity does or not. After the sermon the congregation and its’ friends took time to dedicate a new sound booth, sound system, a theatrical lighting system and a new sign equipped with a digital messaging system to the glory of the Lord. After these events all those present were asked to join in a meal prepared by members of the church. The meal was complete with all the good southern traditional foods plus a plethora of cakes pies and other homemade desserts. During the meal the group was treated to a Power-point presentation demonstrating many of the successes both spiritual and physical that the Lord had blessed the church with over the past year. Click here for more pictures

What has changed since our Annual Homecoming Event held in 2014 until Today?
First and of most importance is 15 people have been saved here at the church over the past year and we thank God.
16 individuals have joined the church over the same time frame.
We have baptized eight-persons into the Christian Faith.
We have consecrated three individuals to the work of the Lord for special causes.
We have started a youth- class and activities group led by Sister Collette and Brother Glenn Locklear.
We have re-established a church choir in addition to a children’s choir which sings for the Lord every first Sunday.
We have started a very successful prayer service for the community on Saturdays at 8:00 am.
We have added an organ (played by the Reverend Clyde Locklear) and a set of drums (played by Brother Mason Deese) to the music program which is led by the Reverend Harold D. Jacobs.
Through the work of Sister Cecelia and Brother Tim Locklear and their sons, Trey, Seth and Able Shoeheel has an extension ministry to extended care facilities providing music, biblical teaching, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper to residents.
We have an on-going Christian Discipleship class which will begin an introduction to the Bible course starting July 5th, 2015.
We have a very active and vibrate Bible Study on Wednesday nights.
Our Children’s and Adult Sunday school classes continue to grow.
Financially the church has really been blessed of the Lord this past year with a weekly average offering of $1,050.00.
Committed giving by the congregation of monies, time talents and equipment has made possible the following:
Rebuilding and paving the Drive way, contract price $38,000.00 our cost $19,000.00
Purchase of a digital messaging center, contract price $24,000 our cost $17,000.00
Upgrade of the electrical system at a cost of about $6,000.00.
Upgrade of telephone and internet access system.
Construction of sound booth and installation of new equipment original cost bid of 13,000.00 currently we have about 4,000.00 invested.
The installation of a new lighting system at a cost of about $2,000.00.
The removal of the old boiler and conversion of the boiler room into part of the kitchen area.
Purchasing of new sink for the kitchen list price was just over $2,000.00 Sister Teresa Lowry was able to use her employee contact to buy it for $563.27.
A new gutter system has been placed on the building cost $900.00
We have built two wheel chair ramps for members of our local church as well as several others for individuals from other churches and communities.
What’s Next?
The implementation of an evangelistic effort to reach the lost in our community for the kingdom of God.
Development of a sustainable outreach and mission project to help in time of crisis.
Completion of the Kitchen area.
Finalization of the sound, video and lighting projects.

As you can see the Lord has really blessed our church in tremendous and miraculous ways. Additions and upgrades to the property exceed over $100,000.00 not to mention the literally thousands of volunteers hours provided by dedicated men and women of the church. In addition, you have given the use of your talents and equipment. You have prayed and grasped hold of the “VISION” of what we can do for the Lord.

Click here for the current strategic plan for Shoeheel HMC.