We, the Bar Members of the Lumber River Holiness Methodist Church, during our April Special Session held on Saturday, April 1, 2017, had the opportunity to express our love and appreciation to the following for their dedication to our Conference over the past years:

First, we recognized Mrs. Rosa D. Woods, wife of former Bishop James H. Woods, for her years of service in the Conference and also the years of service she dedicated to Macedonia Church with her music abilities.

Second, we recognized former Bishop Willie Scott, Jr., for his years of service as not only being a Minister to our Conference but also for his 10 years of service as being the Bishop of our Conference.

Lastly, we recognized Mrs. Brenda Scott, wife of former Bishop Willie Scott, Jr. She has shown her dedication to not only being the wife of the Bishop but her dedication as a Christian and showing her love for her fellow mankind.

The watches we recognized these members with was crafted by Bro. Timothy P. Locklear, of Cyna’s Jewelers, Pembroke, NC.

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IMG 0164

Jimmy F. Locklear