To: All LRCHMC Members
From: Conference Superintendent Rev. Elton Hunt

{xtypo_dropcap}I{/xtypo_dropcap}t seems our annual conference was just last week but the first quarter of this conference yea has ended and God has been gracious to the LRCHMC members.
We now have 596 church members and 816 Sunday school members. We should have a goal by the grace of God to increase our church members by 104 and Sunday school members by 184 this conference year. (Are we positive or negative Christians? Do we tear down or build up.)

Financially, the LRCHMC has been blessed. Our church budgets this conference year is $592,338.62. According to first quarter collections, the LRCHMC members will exceed their budget by $175,819.80. We need to praise the Lord.

Not including the Conference headquarters, the value of all churches are $7,972,000.00.
Our Conference trustees and others led by Bishop Willie Scott Jr. have been very busy this first quarter: They have completed paving of Conference Building Parking Lot and did extensive work on the home of Sister Cammie Morgans’s daughter’s house. May God reward them bountifully.
New Prospect had their first article on the web-site and I enjoyed reading the uplifting words. Their mission is to bring glory to God.
For the first time, we are beginning a music program beginning with piano. We had 14 enroll at the first session. This wonderful program is a vision of Rev. Steve Locklear and he is the volunteer of this program. We pray that it will grow.
Remember: Our goal is to win souls and EDIFY one another.

May God’s shower His blessings upon us and we accept them.

Elton Hunt